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Loss Prevention Overview

Sensormatic empowers retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with proven merchandise protection solutions.

Sensormatic is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. We offer innovative, top-quality solutions that help combat shrink and deliver predictive analytics and insights you can use to help improve operational efficiency and create a better shopper experience.

Solutions for All Your Merchandise

A wide range of options to best protect all types of merchandise and store formats.

Innovative Technology

Innovative loss prevention tools designed to protect merchandise, provide insights into shrink and increase operational efficiency.

Trusted Brand

Chosen by renowned retailers to help protect billions and billions of items of all kinds.

Our products are effectively protected for each product type and category

Sensormatic has been chosen and trusted by retailers to keep billions of items secure. Through our vast experience protecting almost everything from baseball bats to lipstick to delicate blouses, we can deliver the perfect solution for your product. 

Innovation that Improves Your Efficiency

The right technology can do much more than reduce shrink—it can create efficiencies that drive savings and even deliver a memorable experience to your shoppers. Sensormatic's InFuzion tag can cut your in-store tagging costs by 40%*. The InFuzion tag is sleek and sturdy, and helps minimize damage to fine and delicate garments.


*40% decrease in attach and detach time documented in study from United States Ergonomics report, April 16, 2018


From System Design to Ongoing Maintenance, Our Retail Experts are Here to Help

Sensormatic Solutions' global team of retail experts can design a solution that is just right for your operation, remotely monitor your system for outages or problems, provide ongoing system repair and maintenance, and provide a range of professional services and analytics. We’re committed to helping you to get valuable insights from your loss prevention, inventory and traffic investments. Our retail heritage and global footprint provide expert partnership every step of the way.

Solution & System Design

We offer a full suite of top-quality loss prevention, inventory and traffic solutions, creating the right approach for all types of retailers. Our global design and installation teams are able to globally scale implementation while maintaining localization and compliance needs.

- Design of the Solution Pre-sale

- Optimization and Retrofit

- Global Scale of Installation while maintaining Localization


Professional Services & Analytics

Retailers rely on our Professional, Advisory and Training Services Teams’ deep retail expertise to maximize program value. From developing custom analytics that deliver insights from our data solutions to designing and implementing successful inventory transformations for retailers around the world, we’re committed to Fast Forwarding Retail.
- Professional Services
- Advisory Services
- Analytics
- Training Services

Operations, Maintenance and Repair Service

From preventative maintenance to remote monitoring of your systems, we’re a partner who can deliver on your loss prevention, inventory and traffic needs to reduce unplanned downtime, increase system life and reliability, and ensure successful retail operations.

- Planned Maintenance

- Predictive & Diagnostic Services

- Remote Monitoring & Operations

- Repair Services

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