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People Counting

FLIR People Counting & Tracking Sensors

Accurate counts of people entering and leaving your space allows you to improve retail store operations, run a more efficient transportation hub, and make buildings smart and more efficient.

Make impactful decisions with people counting metrics you can trust:

- More than 260,000 installed devices,

- Over 20 years experience in the industry

Traffic flow contains a lot of sociological and economic information. Since commercial activities must involve human participation, and the completion of commodity transactions cannot be done without human factors, it is conventionally believed that traffic flow represents business opportunities to a certain extent. Evaluating a shop is generally based on its geographic location, but in essence, geographic location does not generate value. What is valuable is the people passing by that location, that is, traffic flow.

Understand & improve store operations

Gain insight on customer experience, sales conversion, marketing campaign performance, and predict store traffic to optimize staffing levels with accurate people counting metrics.


However you define your customer and whatever the physical environment or volume of customers, FLIR accuracy is undisputed.


Improve Store Operations

Whether you have a large retail chain or a small one, whether your stores are company-owned or franchised, your store managers need insights on their performance. They need to know improvement areas and which of their changes are making a difference. Using people counting metrics, everyone from your management team to individual sales people can understand how they are performing on:

- Creating better customer experiences

- Executing powerful marketing campaigns

- Maximizing sales conversions

- Developing effective store layout and display

Count Only Your True Customers

FLIR combines the accuracy of 3D imaging with advanced features such as Employee Filtering to provide data you and your staff trust. In some cases, a customer is a:

- family group,

- children only,

- adults only or

- a couple

Brickstream Employee Filtering License

Achieve truly accurate customer counts you and your staff can trust. The FLIR Brickstream Employee Filtering feature, with its ability to differentiate between customers and staff, provides accurate customer traffic and employee counts. In Retail, this is ideal for environments where excellent customer service includes:

1) staff moving in and out of stores;

2) greeters welcoming customers;

3) the presence of security guards; and

4) and in luxury stores with lower traffic where each customer is significant


Staff wear or carry a small, discrete electronic tag that can be easily concealed and not visible to customers.


Brickstream Employee Filtering automatically identifies and counts staff wearing tags. No manual intervention is required and there is no impact on daily staff operations.


Brickstream Employee Filtering achieves high accuracy rates with a patent pending combination of tag sensor and Bluetooth technology.

Reduce Waiting and Increase Revenues

Drive higher retail revenue and improve passenger satisfaction by understanding  passenger flow and reducing queuing times.


Measure and Improve Passenger Flow:

Increase Retail revenue: Increase retail opportunities by reducing time passengers spent in queues
Improve Passenger satisfaction: Provide a more seamless and speedy travel experience

Increase Shopping Mall Traffic and Rent Levels

Make impactful decisions based on knowing which stores drive traffic, visitor flow, and marketing campaign effectiveness. 


Optimize Your Mall Operations for Pedestrian Traffic

For a mall operator, delivering shoppers to their retail tenants is vital to the business. Rents may be based on people traffic figures, and, in some regions, sales conversion. Traffic and traffic flow influences security staffing levels and the “rounds” followed by security staff.

Analyzing customer behavior in different areas of the mall such as the food court, theaters, outside terraces/eating/gathering areas helps understand the effectiveness of each space.

Increase Efficiency in Staff Scheduling

Labor allocation can also be optimized using traffic data. For example, security staffing can use visitor traffic data, and cleaning/maintenance staff can use it to schedule work when people traffic is at its lowest. Traffic volume and sales conversion are reported daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Shopping units, adults and children may be reported separately.

Improve Marketing ROI

Mall operators can also measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and advertising to drive traffic to the mall. Metrics such as CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and SSF (Shoppers per Square Foot) are measures of marketing effectiveness. Brickstream’s sensor technology can help accurately collect data to understand these metrics.

Typical areas mall operators use Brickstream devices to continuously track traffic: lanes, lane intersections, entrances, escalators, car park entrances, theaters, food courts, fitness centers, and markets.

Real-time Occupancy Data and People Flow Metrics

Optimize energy consumption including lighting, heating and air conditioning with real-time data and predictive occupancy data.


Optimize Energy Consumption: Reduce utility costs for heating, lighting, and equipment usage by understanding occupancy usage throughout the building.

Maximize Space Usage: Increase worker productivity by providing optimum room layouts, the correct number of meeting rooms, and the right amenities.

Increase Occupant Comfort: Improve tenant experience and retention by providing ideal environmental conditions

Optimize Labor: Match maintenance and cleaning crew scheduling with metrics for amenities and building areas usage

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